Cleaning & Care


Cleaning buckwheat pillows requires a bit of care due to the nature of the filling. Below will be step by step instructions on how to properly take care off your Eunhui buckwheat pillow:

1. Open the full length zipper of the pillow and carefully remove the buckwheat hulls, our suggestion is to do this over a large container or bucket to catch any spills.

2. Wash the pillowcase as you would any normal pillow case. During this time refresh your hulls by placing them out in direct sunlight on a hot sunny day. This will air out any odours and remove any dust. Be careful to not get the hulls wet or set out on a windy day.

3. Once the cover is dry and buckwheat hulls are refreshed carefully refill the pillow to your desired firmness and loft. 

Regular care of your Eunhui buckwheat pillow will ensure a comfortable and restful night sleep,

  • In case of lost buckwheat hulls during airing out, or if you need additional hulls for desired firmness or loft we sell hulls just for refilling purposes.
  •  Eun Hui pillows come with a special cleaning procedure not offered by any other buckwheat pillow, and you will receive these instructions after each purchase for the proper cleaning of the buckwheat pillow.
  • Eun hui’s buckwheat pillows can be used with any of your favorite pillow cases