About Us


I’m Eun Hui, the proud founder of Eun Hui’s Buckwheat Pillows. Originating from the vibrant city of Seoul, South Korea, I embarked on a journey to America 35 years ago. Fueled by a quest for comfort and a touch of nostalgia, I established my business 27 years ago. I was not satisfied with the current options available for pillows when 

I arrived. I thought back to my home, Korea where I had the comfort of a buckwheat pillow that my family and I had used.. Upon relocating to the beautiful countryside of upstate New York, I discovered that this state was, in fact, the buckwheat capital of the United States.

My commitment to all-natural comfort led me to create pillows that go beyond expectations. Sourced from the heart of NY, the hulls in my pillows are all-natural and adjustable to meet your unique comfort needs. Featuring a convenient full-length zipper, my pillows allow for easy removal and addition of hulls, making maintenance and cleaning a breeze.

Join me in a journey to unparalleled comfort, where tradition meets innovation. Welcome to the world of Eun Hui’s Buckwheat Pillows.